What is Champion’s Club?

Champions Club is a specially designed developmental area for kids, youth, and adults with special needs. Our goal was to develop a program that would meet the developmental needs of children in four important ways, SPIRITUALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, MENTALLY, and PHYSICALLY. Our focus was on spiritual growth through God’s Word, developing the intellect of each participant through the five senses, educationally through various learning tools, as well as engaging the child physically during active gross motor fun. We can adapt Champions Clubs to a school or public facility environment. Now there are Champions Clubs in schools, churches, and facilities all across America and around the world. Check out the inspirational video story of how it all begin and find out more how you can start a Champions Club in your community. Watch the Video  Buy The Curriculum

About Champion’s Club

There are over 30 million kids and teens in America alone with special needs. That means millions of families cannot take their children to church because they don’t have adequate programs for their needs. In other countries around the world the need can be even greater. As more families with special needs children came in to Lakewood Church, we began to recognize that God wanted us to do something. These families were feeling rejected in society and feeling rejection from the church. We knew we needed to extend Gods love and acceptance to these amazing families. In 2005, upon moving into our new facility, Champion’s Club became the dream and desire of Lakewood to help families with special needs children. In March 2008, Champion’s Club became a reality for Lakewood Church. As Champions Clubs have expanded through out the United States and in countries around the world our team offers help through consultation, training, fundraising, and speaking to help churches, schools and organizations launch their own special needs program. If you would like more information contact championsclub@lakewood.cc

“Special needs is rising at an alarming rate around the world. Every country I visit says the same thing…we are meeting more special needs families needing help and we don’t know how to help them. Autism is now the #1 developmental disease in the world. These families are hurting, feel rejected and forgotten. But there is hope.” Pastor Craig Johnson, Founder


“Amazing Testimony”

Such a powerful email we received from a father named Thomas who has a four year old son with Autism named Nicholas. He was listening on Sirius XM… Hello Joel, I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are to me. I was an individual who had faith in God, went to church weekly and prayed. I am married to my beautiful wife Christine and we have a son Nicholas who is 4. He was diagnosed with Autism about 2 yrs ago. When he was diagnosed my heart just dropped. I couldn’t beleive it. I thought to myself “why,why has god done this to me”. It was going to be a never ending fight,and a never ending battle that my wife and I were faced with (emotional an financially). It seems as though the stress levels and and costant bickering have gotten worse. My wife has a strong faith in the lord, prays everyday and thanks the Lord for everything we have. She asks the Lord to pray for me and Nicholas. I have to admit when he was diagnosed I lost a lot of my faith in god. To me I couldn’t beleive that this has happened and that God has done this to me. Over the Las year or so I have learned to deal with it and trying to become closer to god. My son is my life and I would do anything to help him. He has been going to numerous therapies and is getting the help he needs. Financially this is very tough on my wife and I, but whatever we have to... read more


Champion’s Club Is already in practice at these locations. Join us in serving special needs children. We would love to add you to this list!

Lakewood Church

Lakewood Church

3700 Southwest Fwy
Houston, TX 77027


Toronto International Celebration Church

190 Railside Road
Toronto, ON M3A IA3



The Life Church

650 Houston Hill Road
Collierville, TN 38028

901-751-0095 / 901-751-0095


The Life Church

1800 North Germantown
Cordova, TN 38016



Believers Church

4500 Peak Trail
Chesapeake, VA 23321



SeaCoast Grace Church

5100 Cerritos Ave
Cypress, CA 90630



McReynolds Middle School

5910 Market Street
Houston, TX 77020



Sugarland Family Church

1110 Burney Road
Sugarland, TX 77498



Canyon Hills Assembly of God

7001 Auburn
Bakersfield, CA 93306



Nathaniel Q. Henderson Elementary School

701 Solo
Houston, TX 77020



The Cause Community Church

950 Beacon Street
Brea, CA 92821



Alpha Omega Church

7800 Miller Road
Miami, FL 33155



Christ Tabernacle Church

1022 Wyckoff Ave.
Ridgewood NY 11385



Christ Tabernacle Church

6436 Myrtle Avenue
Glendale, NY 11385



Rockford First Church

5950 Spring Creek Road
Rockford, Illinois 61114



Redeemer Church

931 Herkimer Rd
Utica, NY 13502



Redeemer Church

183 Schoolhouse Road
Albany, NY 12203



New Day Home

700 Southern Avenue Southeast
Washington, DC 20032



Covina Assembly

Covina Assembly

250 E. San Bernardino Rd.
Covina, CA 91723


Get Started with Champions Club

In order to get started with Champions Club, follow these 10 simple steps:


Determine your need (how many children with special needs do you currently have, how many inquiries have you had from parents with children with special needs and how much space do you have.


Email us championsclub@lakewood.cc to set up conference call.

Set up site visit (you and your team are always welcomed to visit us in Houston)


  • Secure Sr. Pastor Approval to move forward
  • Secure Proposed Room(s)
  • Get Dimensions/CAD drawings of proposed Champion’s Club Room(s)


  • Contact Equipment Provider (provided by Lakewood Church) to have Master Plan for your room(s) developed. This is at no cost to you or your church!


  • Recieve the proposed Master Plan from Equipment Provider.
  • Email Champions Club at Lakewood for assistance in dividing up your Master plan into phases.


  • At this point you should have all the information you need to present the vision to your pastoral team or committee to help secure appropriate funding for the different stages.
  • Schedule your meeting.


  • Contact your Equipment Provider to place your initial order, installation, and training.
  • Layout initial training.
  • Draft an initial service order for your Champions Club.
  • Schedule initial training for volunteer leaders.
  • Lakewood can help you with this. Email championsclub@lakewood.cc for more details.


  • Establish a look and feel for your church’s Champions Club.
  • Create a flier or a web design to begin the momentum of your new ministry.
  • Create or add to your existing volunteer application to include Champions Club.


  • Schedule an open house for your entire church to come in and visit your new rooms.
  • Have volunteer applications available for people wanting to join the cause.
  • Create an application for families with special needs children to fill out so you can begin their process for entry into the Champions Club services… this should be about 3-4 weeks after your Open House.


  • Decide on the Go Live Launch date for your Champions Club.

Buy Champions Club Curriculum

Ministering to exceptional students can be challenging without the appropriate tools to meet their unique needs. The Champions Curriculum does just that and so much more. The foundation of the Champions Curriculum is the belief that all students, regardless of their abilities and disabilities, can learn. We have a 26 week full scope Christian curriculum for special needs that you can use in a home, school, church or organization. It is based on the tested and proven 7 G’s developmental philosophy which are the “Goal”, “Grab” their attention, “Grasp” the concept, “Guided” practice, “Get” it(reinforcement), “Go”(Take Home), and “Gauge” their success.

Each of the lessons has a comprehensive seven step guide with accommodations and modifications that provide exceptional students access to the concepts taught. It also teaches the basic Cognitive Behavior Therapy concept that our thoughts control our feelings and our feelings have a direct influence on our actions. The curriculum emphasizes that in any situation Champions can be at peace when they trust God and meditate on His Word. Since many of our exceptional students have difficulties with social skills, the lessons in the curriculum were created to enhance these skills. Social emotional skills promote social competence which is the basis for making and maintaining positive relationships.
A bonus included in the Champions Curriculum is a Teacher Resource Binder. This provides valuable tips on how to create a successful learning experience. Finally, the curriculum includes an extensive section on resources available for the families of Champions and ministry volunteers. This curriculum will be a valuable tool to help you effectively minister to those with special needs.

PDF Format – Digital download, 728 Pages


Buy Teacher’s Manual

The Champions Curriculum Instructor’s Manual provides a comprehensive detailed step by step tutorial on how to implement the curriculum and so such more.  The purpose of the manual is to equip instructors to confidently teach Biblical principles in an easy, relevant and creative way that engages students while transforming their lives to be committed Christ followers.

The manual was written to be used as a training tool for new and seasoned instructors, volunteers, and pastors. In the manual you will find the answers to; who the curriculum was written for, what skills are taught, how the curriculum was developed, and the numerous ways the curriculum can be taught in a variety of settings.  It provides research based information on tackling the behaviors some Champions may have that kept exceptional students and their peers from learning.  There is a special section on how to minister to parents.

We believe that the special needs ministries are a family ministry, so this curriculum has special instructions for every lesson that supports parents/caregivers as they minister to their Champions in the home. The manual gives special instructions on how to encourage families to minister to their exceptional children each and every day.

PDF Format – Digital download


Craig Johnson has served in full-time ministry for more than two decades. He is currently the Director of Ministries at Lakewood Church, the largest and fastest growing church in America, overseeing all pastoral ministries and staff. Craig speaks at churches and organizations across the nation to bring hope and awareness to those with special needs and the forgotten generations. Recently, Craig launched the Circle of Hope Ministry, a new program at Lakewood Church that offers hope to at-risk kids, the medically fragile and those with special needs by providing support through mentorship and respite. Craig created Kidslife, the children’s ministry of Lakewood Church, which now operates in six different services in Spanish and English and has grown to over 4,500 children and more than 1,300 volunteers. In 2009, Craig launched the “Champions Club,” a state of the art facility for over 200 special needs kids that features a physical therapy room, sensory room, spiritual therapy room and an educational room. Craig is an advocate for special needs kids & families.

Craig has launched a new website that helps families facing tremendous challenges called ConnorMoments.com. Craig is the creator of many programming tools for family ministry. He is the author of a leadership book called “Lead Vertically: Inspire People to Volunteer / Build Great Teams That Last.” Craig and his wife of 25 years, Samantha, have three children: Cory, Courtney, and Connor.

Craig Johnson, Founder
Champions Club

Sandra Robinson, Ph.D. is an Inclusion Specialist. For the past 30 years, Dr. Robinson has been an educator and administrator in the public school system. She has been the Director of Special Education in two different districts. She has taught at the university level in the teacher preparation program. Dr. Robinson has trained groups of educators, administrators, and parents, and volunteers in the areas of; positive behavior techniques, teaching strategies, crisis intervention, and Special Education Law. She brings her extensive experience in special education to faith communities. It is her desire to assist churches of all denominations to create Champions Clubs where children with special needs and their families are included in all aspects of church life.

Mrs. Mary Hancock is a public educator working with at-risk youth in her local school district. Additionally, she has over 30 years of experience teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in her local congregation. Mrs. Hancock holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies (Elementary education) and a Masters of Arts degree in Educational Instructional Design. She and her husband Todd Hancock have been married 31 years and are the parents of 4 adult children and currently have two grandchildren.